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This is not 'about me', this is about 'YOU.'  It is an attempt to help you overcome obstacles and aid in re-establishing self-confidence.  Based on my experiences and knowledge, it is my desire to prevent you from falling victim to some of life's enemies.  It has been revised as I wrote it many years ago.  It was written after I read the book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand.  It opened up a new world for me and I could put myself into the role of the architect; a role of defeatism.

            I have learned a lot in the years I have been on this earth.  One true lesson is the ability to believe in myself.  Always I used to depend upon what others thought of me, I know now that is no way to approach life.  For you are what you make yourself, no other person can build you nor tear you down.  You can do that all by yourself. 





            Egoism is a theory that bases morality on self interest.  A theory worth investigating; especially if you have spent your life trying to please others and feel that up to now you have failed.  Many lives have been spent and ended in despair trying to live up to the expectations of society.  The vast ocean of uplifted faces shouting to tell you that you did not do it right, are those who have tried and failed before you.  When a person lives under the illusion that he has to follow the guidelines set by others will eventually succumb to being a copy of others.  Being an individual and being different is not accepted by society and therefore, we find ourselves fighting against our own desires and needs and succumbing to a false sense of values set by other people for themselves.  When we join this segment of society, we are to become just another member and are lost in the multitude.


               There is no such entity as perfection in man; but, he can become as perfect as he can be by following the perfect pattern.  A pattern set by the only perfectionist who has walked upon this earth.  A man of true convictions believes in himself.  He, also, believes in the Creator who made him.   He patterns his life as such, a design drawn for him in complete detail.


              How may a man live with man and be motivated by self? It takes a determined and strong willed individual.  The word "callous" does seem to fit here and is suggested ONLY as a thought to keep in mind, as it goes along with the idea.  "The only thing to fear in life is fear itself."  This quote has been presented in many different illustrations and to use it here is to capture such a thought and place it in perspective for this reasoning; to achieve perfection, a man must;

            Believe in God.

            Believe in himself.

            Have no fear of his fellowman.

            Man cannot destroy man, not even by his own means can a man destroy himself.   Great philosophers have predicted man will destroy himself and the world with him.  Perhaps that would be true if man belonged to himself, but he doesn't.  Man did not create man and therefore, he cannot destroy man.  Speaking not in the sense of a race of peoples, but of individuals; yes, a soul can be dominated, ruled by a virtue of destruction created within self.

             Opinion without a rational process.  Always striving to be what others want you to be.   Believe this, "what others think of you is not important, only what you think of yourself."  To believe in self is what is important, no man can judge you by his standards.

              To pass judgment, a person must rise above man's standards and that is impossible.   For there is only one Supreme Being; I do believe in God.  That is where I differ with Ayn Rand that is where I go one step further than he could go.   As he declared himself to be an atheist, I am convinced he would not let himself believe there was any perfect being.  A belief that man's perfection is within himself is true, for only by being one's own self may a man come to be that mirror of perfect standard which he and he only wants projected. He cares not what other men think of his motives, only that he believes in himself.

               A creative person may be devastated by cruel, harsh infliction of criticism of that which he has created.   His salvation comes from NOT allowing those judgments to touch him.   They may only touch his creation.  They may, in fact, destroy that creation; but, they cannot destroy the creator.  When a person has created something he knows is perfect, he needs only HIS belief that the creation is just the way he wants it to be.  It can be torn down by man, but he knows within himself that the creation was perfect and it can physically be destroyed by others; but, not within him.  Thus, allowing him to push beyond those limits to far greater boundaries.  His success will come in his knowledge that he received complete satisfaction in the making of his object.  He felt a great self worth and delight in putting together a symphony.  As, indeed, he did; to be played over and over.   For music is created in many different forms; some not for ears to hear, but eyes to see.

            Accomplishment.  Reaching the finish line.  What does a man live for when this has happened?   A true objective is never reached. Accomplishment comes when we reach the end of this life.  Success we attain through virtue and that of ourselves, not of others.  Motivation is the key.  Keep moving, keep going, keep striving and the realm of success is unlimited for you.  We have been given that privilege and what we do with it is entirely up to ourselves.  No man may add to it or take from it.  We might be able to trick him into thinking he has depleted or increased our supply of success.   We might even allow ourselves to be fooled into believing someone capable of adding to or taking away from our success.  However, this is not true, for it is impossible.  Our soul, our inner self, cannot be taken from us nor added to by any man.  Believe in that, it is your salvation!


            Our country is at war, it seems we are fighting for world dominance. Are we really a free country anymore?  We are allowing our wonderful United Stated of America to be taken over by other’s beliefs and prejudices.  If a person of another nationality moves here and becomes a citizen, they should expect to abide by the rules of this country and not try to make us change our policies just because they don’t like the way we do it.  Perhaps they should have stayed within their own country.  “When in France, do as the French do.”  If you become an American citizen, then BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and accept our policies.


There is too much wealth by too few people.  The great nation of ours has people starving, homeless, and sadly defeated.  What is being done about that?  It is much more popular to be filmed helping out in some foreign place than right here on our streets and in our back doors.  It is wonderful that some are reaching out to help these starving nations but did you never hear from your parents of past ages that “you need to clean up your own backyard before you start telling others to clean up theirs.”


Don’t we just love a good juicy news story about some Play Boy character or major movie star?  Of course, we do but let’s keep it in focus.  These people are popular, they are famous, but they are not Gods and most times not a good example for our children.  What is usually behind those stories – MONEY?  Popularity is created by influence and influence is bought with money. Public is persuaded by popularity.  Popularity is created by influence and influence is bought with money.  There is nothing wrong with having money; it is a powerful commodity to have.  It buys a person's needs; but, it also buys a person's wants.  When a person has all he needs, then goes on to get what he wants; that person becomes dangerous even to himself.

             Money used in the right ways can do many useful things.  It can feed nations, heal sick, build shelters, and clothe peoples; provide all the basics.   Yet, animals have no money.  Are they not provided with the same qualities? Then what does the money do that animals cannot do?  It buys power.  We all know what power can do; we have all been touched by it in some form or fashion.   What does power of man accomplish?  Destruction.  Yes, read and listen to the news media, those tools of public influence.  Are they used to applaud the abilities of a man, or aren't they used to show you the sorted, wickedness of a man's past?  When politicians are presented to you from the pages of your friendly neighborhood newspaper, what do you read?  All the humanitarian accomplishments of this person, or do you read the detrimental shortcomings of a human being.  This is true of any person, whether he be politician or anyone.  Yet, only in the public stage light do we see these souls bared to scrutiny.  Why, because that is the way of man to be influenced by others.  We need not see for ourselves and form our own opinions; we take from others and therefore do not have to assume the guilt in any future realization that those opinions were not necessarily the correct ones.  We did not write the statement, we only read it and took it as our own at the time.  Then time marches on and reveals to us the mistake and we accept it in stride because it was not our opinion in the first place.  We have still kept our noses clean.  The impudence of man!


Do you judge a man's success by his status in life?  How did he arrive at that place? How many men did he step on or shove out of the way to get to the top?  Did he get there on his own merit or through the opinions of others?  Look at a person whom you admire very much and dissect that soul.  What do you see?  Can you see it, can you ever know what motivated that person to get to the top.  A successful business man or woman, a president or leader of a nation, a famous religious personality, an actor or actress of great acclaim; whom do you hold in great admiration?  Would you want to be that person or someone like them   or, would you rather to be yourself, motivated from within your own self.  Be in touch with your inner feelings, be able to sense feelings of others as yourself; not that gray sea of people out there relying upon others, but a compassionate, sensitive being such as you.  Can you judge a man from within?  Can you go beyond his outward appearance and artificial actions to those which "make him tick"?  Can you look over and above the influence of others and see that person as himself?

             That path of success for our nation must come from within each of us.  For, there lies within the soul of man, a set of true values.  Those values must be brought to light and the only way to bring them out is to look inward and draw from that strength.  Good can prevail over evil.  We can start a revolution that will influence our leaders into action to bring about a forceful aid to our country and stop this destruction.  Replace superficial acts of "doing good" with impressions of actually “getting the job done” correctly. Stop the warlords before the send drugs across our borders. Work with our border patrols instead of against them.  Our so called 'war on drugs' is a slapstick comedy and the face being slapped is our own.  Where is the consciousness of those lawmakers allowing this to happen?  Do they not realize they are bringing about the destructive force to defeat their own children, grandchildren and future generations?

             How can we let this happen?  Let's join forces across this great nation and spread throughout the world in a sincere effort to cleanse our political system for our own protection.  Look inward, find morality again, find that inner strength of purity and fight for your life and that of generations to come.  Let's remove those shams of servitude, the blood sapping evil power seekers and transform them into persons of true value.  We can make them seek, search and strive to attain from within themselves the gift lying silent within most of us; a power greater than any ever imagined by forces of evil, and it is there within each of us.  We must find it now.  We must act now.   YOU can do it.   I believe in you, do you believe in yourself?


Sara Gardner Blow ©1989



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